I Went To A Show.com is a non-profit, St. Louis-based music blog featuring previews, reviews, interviews, photography, tickets giveaways, original illustrations and more. It is authored and maintained by four friends who became acquainted through the age old experience of show-going. It exists solely for the purpose of strengthening our city’s music community from the inside out.

We believe the highest forms of praise and the most direct forms of support one can provide musicians is attending live performances, buying merchandise, and patronizing venues.

We believe YouTube videos and album reviews are easily forgotten, but concerts can be formative experiences that we carry around with us indefinitely.

We believe St. Louis, Missouri is an excellent place to buy, make, or listen to a record. Its rich and muddy musical history has cultivated fertile soil for the formation of new artists and provides a welcoming environment for touring bands.

If you play, promote, or pretend you’re in a band hailing from or passing through the St. Louis area, let’s have a talk: authors@iwenttoashow.com. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.