A Special AUCW Treat from Theodore and Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra

[show_avatar email=db@iwenttoashow.com align=left avatar_size=62]You haven’t already forgotten about An Under Cover Weekend, have you? Surely you have not.  Perhaps you’re like me, and rather than heading over to The Firebird for St. Louis’s annual, local-bands-covering-totally-famous-bands showcase, you ended up face first in a trash can (I had a weird night – don’t worry about it).  Or, more likely, maybe you had your own reasons for skipping out and you’re wondering what you missed.  But hopefully, you were so impressed and enthralled by the performances at each of the three evenings that you want to commit the night(s) to memory – or to your computer’s hard drive.

Rats & People & Theodore & Horns

Rats & People & Theodore & Horns - Photo courtesy of Jess Luther

Fortunately for you and this writer, our talented new pals from Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra have gifted us with a live recording of their Van Dyke Parks set with equally awesome Theodore.   And because you all are our best friends (right?), we want to give you this fantastic performance to relive or to enjoy for the first time.  Go ahead and read A to Z’s review here and while you listen to the songs  below.  If you want to download the whole set in one big gulp, you can do that by clicking here.  You know what else you can do?  Check out Jess Luther’s fine photos from that night on our Facebook page.

The full download can be had in a zip file here.

John Jones

FDR in Trinidad

Bing Crosby



G-Man Hoover

Bare Necessities


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