STL LOUD: Band Release #1

[show_avatar align=left avatar_size=62] Last week, we had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with Ryan Albritton of R.R. Music Labs and the brand new, local EP project STL LOUD. Getting to know Ryan has reminded us of so many friends we’ve made around the city in recent months. He’s smart, friendly, engaged, and genuinely supportive of St. Louis music.  

And sure, haters gon’ hate, but here at IWTAS, we believe that the continued improvement of our city, musically and otherwise, will only come from constructive, collaborative discussions leading to positive action. Albritton embodies that spirit, and has spent hours speaking formally (and informally :)) to artists, writers, photographers, and fans in an effort to fully realize his STL LOUD concept.

STL LOUD - First EP cover art by Kit Kellison

We’re excited to begin this, a series of releases about bands contributing to the first Volume of STL LOUD. It’s of note that each band or artist donated an original, never-before-released track. The following are your first two artists featured in STL LOUD – Volume I: 

The Dive Poets  

Formed in 2008, The Dive Poets provide St. Louis with a fresh take on alt-country and roots rock. Their lyrics and arrangements are comfortable without being predictable, and the quintet’s individual musical sensibilities allow for clever spontaneity during live performances. I caught The Dive Poets for the first time at Lemmon’s*, where they opened for South City staples Red-Headed Strangers and The Round-Ups several months ago.    

Karl Eggers of The Dive Poets performing at Firebird. Photo property of IWTAS.

Since that time, the group has been actively writing, recording, practicing, and performing in and around St. Louis. Many of you might have seen them for the first time at Night #3 of An Under Cover Weekend, where they seamlessly covered R.E.M.  

Anna Moffat of The Dive Poets.

Karl Eggers, guitarist (and resident banjo student) for the band, says that participating in STL LOUD is an opportunity for The Dive Poets to connect to a greater number of fans while supporting the local scene overall. “I like the the idea that if we work together to bring more exposure to local artists, everyone benefits,” he says. 

(You can catch The Dive Poets supporting American Aquarium tomorrow at Off Broadway. It’s the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night and to spend a mere seven bucks.)

Langen Neubacher 

Singer/songwriter Langen Neubacher has been performing in St. Louis for just under two years, and admittedly, this writer was wholly unfamiliar with Neubacher’s brand of folk-laced pop. After chatting with her, I don’t want to just become acquainted with Neubacher’s music – I want to elect her Alderman of the 9th Ward. A resident of Cherokee Street, Neubacher works for Self-Sufficient St. Louis, a relatively new non-profit project focusing on music, art, sustainability, and community improvement. Mic the People for the People is a particularly interesting concept from Neubacher and SSSTL. Check out the FB group page (linked above).

Langen Neubacher performing at Music that Moves You. Photo credit: Elie Gardner for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

When asked why she wanted to be a part of STL LOUD, Neubacher says she believes St. Louis is on the cusp as a city, and a cultural revival is very possible but not imminent. “Local music and feeling like part of a community is the way it was always supposed to be, and it’s the way it could be again,” she muses.

Our friends Speakers in Code, 5 Score Pachyderm, and of course, RFT Music/A to Z will be releasing more information in the coming days about STL LOUD. Keep an eye on them!

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  1. Susan says:

    I think it is a great idea. I don’t know why anyone would hate on you for it… their issue! Plus I got to see a lot of bands over the summer and for other circumstances haven’t again- so I’m really looking forward to everything that comes out of this. Thanks!

  2. Jess says:

    Susan: Thanks for your kind words. We’re really excited to be helping Ryan with this. I should have been more clear in the post; I was referring to the occasional negativity that exists regarding the St. Louis music scene. We think it’s a great time to live and work here!

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