Show Preview and a Tweet Up (Up, Up): The Givers w/ Pepper Rabbit and 1,2,3 at Cicero’s

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On June 27th, Lafayette, LA’s Givers will be in town in support of their brand new album In Light with openers Pepper Rabbit and 1,2,3. Givers offers the type of music that helps one remember why songs are fun and healthy. It’s the antithesis of a Decemberist ballad. It’d drown out sad-cabin folk tunes. It’s full of bright percussion and sharp, repetitive lyricism. Their live sound is memorable enough to encourage momentary forgetfulness. It’s okay to get lost in it.

Pepper Rabbit was the aural arrow aimed directly at the members of IWTAS (by Cicero’s), and it hit the mark. The Los Angeles twosome employs sparser instrumentation than Givers with astute lyrical construction. “Every animal / hates the carnival,” they conclude on the track ‘Harvest Moon,’ and we acknowledge that at one time or another we’ve all been both.

And Daytrotter, in a move seemingly planned out just for this blog, released a sessions featuring 1,2,3 today. Enjoy it here.

IWTAS was fortunate enough to team with Cicero’s in promoting this particular show. I’m not interested, however, in overselling any of the three bands, whether or not I’d pay 10 bucks or more to see them individually (I would).

I mean, it’s on a fucking Monday, and yes, Mondays are sad and hard and often scary. But we whine that our opportunities for memorable shows by breaking artists are too few here in St. Louis. Maybe we aren’t looking hard enough. On June 27th, our city will welcome three bands who are getting attention everywhere else because they’re damn good. This is a chance to go do something cool and surprise yourself.

Poster design by Annie McCance. Photo courtesy of Givers.

Finally, we’re very grateful that the Interwebs provide us such easy access to our readers and future new friends. That said, there’s a bunch of you we still don’t know, and we imagine you’re all very attractive. SO, please join us for a Tweet-up (god that’s awkward), also known as a Happy Hour on the 27th. There won’t be name tags or anything but we will be drinking beer and playing pool and comparing smart phones before going down to the basement to hear music together. IWTAS will give away a pair of tickets to the show while we’re hanging out, too, if that helps. Let’s say 6:00pm. See you there. And RSVP here.




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