Show Preview: HUMDRUM, The Skekses, and Spoken Nerd (TN) at Schlafly Tap Room

This Friday, two of my personal favorite St. Louis bands are taking over Tap Room, and they’re bringing along one spectacularly weird out-of-towner. As you know, being anxious devourers of everything written on this blog, HUMDRUM released a great album called The Arrangement around this time last year. They’ll be armed with new stuff to share this week.

And as you don’t know, unless you’re the one of IT guys at my office (HI MARK AND MIKE!), I’m the person singularly responsible for a large percentage of bandwidth consumption due to my near-constant streaming of the Skekses debut EP from late 2010. They, too, have been writing and recording new material for an EP due out this year. I’m Jessie Spano excited about it.

Has anyone reading this heard of Spoken Nerd, outta Nashville? I hadn’t, but Jesus Christ, this guy is weird and beardy and wordy and hilarious and smart. Case in point: The song for video below starts off with, “All this time that you thought I was gay/ I was looking for a girl like Rachael Ray…” I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen on Friday, but with the HUMDRUM/Skekses/Nerd triple threat, I imagine there will be panties and/or boxer briefs dropped. Oh, and it’s free. See ya there.

Details for the show here.

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