EXCLUSIVE: Stream Jump Starts’ new album before it’s released on Saturday!

Sarah Ross (drums/vox) and Justin Johnson (guitar/vox) = Jump Starts. Photo by Annie Martineau

You can feel good about liking Jump Starts, the St. Louis duo comprised of Justin Johnson (Pretty Little Empire) and Sarah Ross (former Paper Dolls). Johnson writes the lyrics; he and Ross work together on arrangements and vocals. The end result is a sound with the unique intimacy and balance that can be achieved only by a musical pair who were great friends before they were band mates.

The album art for What Hides Inside was created by Sarah Ross.

This Saturday, Jump Starts will release their second full length album, What Hides Inside, on vinyl at Off Broadway with special guests Scarlet Tanager and DJ Chris Bay (pertinent event info here). The record is a fitting portrait of a organically grown side project as it becomes fully realized. The songs are the type of Justin Johnson tracks we know and love: succinct, bittersweet snapshots of relationships at various stages, framed by Johnson’s jangle-y guitar and Ross’s snappy percussion.

Some of St. Louis’ finest musicians guest on the album: listen for Will Godfred (PLE) on lead guitar, Melinda Cooper (Union Electric, Town Cars), Jay Lewis (Last to Show First to Go), and Curtis Brewer (Kentucky Knife Fight) throughout.

What Hides Inside was recorded and produced by The Loud Label. Ryan Albritton of The LL along with Jump Starts are offering IWTAS readers an exclusive listen to the new album in its entirety, the way it was meant to be heard. Audio player designed by Annie McCance.

Listen to What Hides Inside now: http://iwenttoashow.com/cassette/

See you Saturday!!!

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