Show Preview: Schlafly Turns 21 feat. Tight Pants Syndrome with The Union Electric and Magic City

I was reminded of the magic of a fully local show last Friday night at Off Broadway. The room was packed, the cover was cheap, and most everyone around me was a friend or at least a friendly, familiar face. All that and the music was spectacular. I cherish the music created in this city and those who create it. This holiday season, we’re being gifted yet again with another diverse and fantastic 100% local bill the day after Christmas at Schlafly Tap Room.

The Tap Room began its storied history on December 26th, 1991, and 21 years later, they’re legal and ready to celebrate with a free show featuring three of St. Louis’ most talented bands across the pop and rock spectrum: Magic City, Tight Pants Syndrome, and The Union Electric. 

The Union Electric

2012 was a hallmark year for The Union Electric, as they released Time is Gold, their first full-length album after several 7″ records and establishing themselves around town as a premier but unadorned rock group anchored by Tim Rakehell’s deft songwriting. I like UE because their songs are serious as hell, yet they have a damn fun time up there on stage; a live performance by The Union Electric balances out all the thinking I do while listening to their recorded work.

Tight Pants Syndrome. Photo by Kholood Eid.

Tight Pants Syndrome, one of my favorite St. Louis purveyors of seriously catchy and dance-able pop, have been playing shows here and there this year but have spent recent months putting in the work to release a new LP in 2013. Dudes, I can’t wait.

Whenever I hear people overtalk about things, I go a little crazy. I get it – you don’t own a TV, you’re always told you look like [some celebrity] and it’s soooo annoying, something about Frank Ocean or the paleo diet lifestyle, etc. etc. Hearing folks go goofy over Magic City, on the other hand (and in this city, they do) is way less obnoxious because pretty much everything they say is true. A group of the most seasoned and creative musicians around? – check. A live show that actually makes concertgoers feel more alive? – check. Band members who are willing to share their time and talent among other bands and collectives in St. Louis? – check check check.

So, let’s gather together on the day after Christmas and help Schlafly celebrate being not only a great holiday gift, but a great holiday stress cure for 21 fabulous years.

Event Details: 

SCHLAFLY BEER turns 21 feat. Tight Pants Syndrome w/ The Union Electric and Magic City
Schlafly Tap Room
Wednesday, December 26th


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  1. Bob McMahon says:

    The Tight Pants picture was taken by Kholood Eid. It’s funny, she was there to get a shot of the band in action at their rft music award set and arrived right after they finished. So she got this photo instead and it was the biggest picture put in the RFT print story recapping the event.

    See you at the show.

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