Catching up with HUMDRUM/Introducing Me Like Bees: Both at Foam this Friday!

This Friday, Joplin, MO’s Me Likes Bees will share the cute little stage at Foam with IWTAS favorite HUMDRUM. If you’re like me and have missed the last [couple] HUMDRUM performance[s]…SHAME ON US. Foam’s a perfectly intimate venue for a snowy, Friday night show. There’s usually a party (music playing) in the front room and business (friends chatting) in the back room.

Cool ass poster.

Cool ass poster.

So I’m listening to Me Like Bees right now and rarely do I sample a wholly unfamiliar band and get way into it. Folks, I am waaaaay into it. They have an EP out and it’s pretty awesome – Modest Mouse with a few less feelings and a bit more rocking.

My favorite track I’ve heard so far, though, can be found here, and it’s called “The Fifteenth Day”.

I caught up with Mic from HUMDRUM about Friday:

What’s the band been up to lately?

Since Gareth moved to LA almost a year ago and founding member Phil Strangmen left the band due to baby making–his son Gabrial was born Feb. 9th–we’ve added two new band members, Andy Benn from the Potomac Accord and Syrhea Conway (AKA Syna So Pro). Syrhea is holding down the bass now, which has freed Dan up to play guitar (his first instrument). Andy is doing a fine job managing some tough keyboard parts in Phil’s absence. The new line-up has reenergized the band. The old songs feel fresh and new again, and the new songs are being filled out with 5-piece arrangements that more closely resemble the recordings we did with Albini last Spring.

We also just recorded a video for the single “All We Need” from the forthcoming 10″ vinyl EP, We Are Electricity.

THESE GUYS LOVE FUN. Image by DuRall Photography.

THESE GUYS LOVE FUN. Image by DuRall Photography.

How’d you end up on this show with Me Like Bees?

Me Like Bees is a band we met our second time playing at the Black Thorn in Joplin. They invited us to come back to Joplin to play with them in September of 2012 and we had a blast! They are a tight band and they’ve been touring a lot lately. For fans of Modest Mouse, MGMT, and well, fun….

Okay then what should be our first drink on Friday, that special cocktail we request just before the music begins?

I would recommend coffee and booze combos for this show so you’ll have energy to party all night.

More info on the Me Like Bees + HUMDRUM concert can be found here. I don’t know if there’s a cover (probably a wee one), but bring cash anyway.

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