SHOW PREVIEW: Pokey LaFarge Album Release at Casa Loma Ballroom

Pokey LaFarge, one of St. Louis’ hometown heroes*, the man and the music, is surely growing up, but he isn’t getting too big for his vintage britches. Yes, LaFarge and his extraordinary backing band have toured Europe. They’ve opened on numerous occasions for Jack White. The guys and NPR are BFFs. They’re even releasing a brand new album on White’s Third Man Records this Friday at Casa Loma Ballroom just off Cherokee Street.

And yet, it still isn’t a stretch to find Pokey on off nights at any number of our city’s dark pubs shooting pool, or eating dinner at one of the Hill’s iconic restaurants (I’m not a stalker – his family’s table at Cunetto’s happened to be right next to my family’s awhile back), or showing up in the Mud House’s courtyard for a pop-up show.

A very limited run of these clear, blue-streaked vinyl will be available at Vintage Vinyl on the 31st, from 2-7pm, courtesy of the Third Man Rolling Record Store.

It’s not just the clothes and voice, the one that sounds warm as a brick on the Southside in the summer and smooth as a sip of bartered Missouri moonshine. It’s that feeling you get while witnessing the band’s live show, when they perform seamlessly and quite perfectly with Pokey steering the ship until those inevitable moments when he casts his eyes downward, smiles, and nods at one of his bandmates to solo. Then off they go on a trumpet or guitar or washboard and it’s something brand new, unique to that minute, that show.

Playing a special show for Arch City Radio Hour at St. Louis Public Radio (audio below). Photo by Jess Luther. 

Tomorrow evening, Pokey and Company will hit the stage at Casa Loma Ballroom, supported by The Loot Rock Gang and Mariachi Los Compadres. The show’s at 8pm, so treat yourself to a delicious Cherokee Street dinner beforehand. Boost your city! Tickets here.


1. Rumor has it that The Third Man Rolling Record Store will be at Casa Loma for the show if you can’t make it to Vintage Vinyl between 2 and 7pm. Plus, stand by that truck and get your Instagram on, girl! Hella likes.

2. Our bros in HUMDRUM are playing their 100th show with Kid Scientist and There is No Mountain at Foam just down the street from Casa Loma. You can experience all kinds of people and music in one night if you want. If you dare…

*Okay, he’s really from Bloomington, IL, but when has simple geography stopped St. Louisans from claiming something as their very own? We know what we like and we like all the good things.

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