TICKET GIVEAWAY: Yellow Red Sparks w/ The Feed and David Beeman of Old Lights

Yellow Red Sparks is a good band from LA that I didn’t know existed before I spoke to IWTAS buddy Amanda Krebel, who helped set up a show for the trio at Gramophone this Wednesday. What Amanda did is something a lot of us who like to support the St. Louis music scene do for touring bands – we listen to their stuff and if we love ’em, we find a way to help ’em out when they’re in our vicinity.

And yeah, more often than not, no one knows said touring band here in St. Louis yet. The best case scenario is that we pull our friends off to the side after they’ve had a couple and talk their ears off about them for as long as our friends’ beer-soaked attention spans will allow, then we hope that some fans of the venue or friends of the people putting on the show will come to see a group they’ve never heard of, because it’s interesting to try new things and it surely beats letting your couch further form to the shape of your body because sitting on one’s ass is easier than being adventurous.

Yellow Red Sparks is from LA and you don't know them yet because you keep watching The Voice instead of going out.

Yellow Red Sparks is from LA and you don’t know them yet because you keep watching The Bachelorette instead of going out.

You’ll enjoy Yellow Red Sparks if you locally dig Old Lights, The Skekses, Union Tree Review, Grace Basement,  or Dots Not Feathers. If you’re looking for a more broad sample, the band did this little session at a place called Daytrotter that I’ve heard is a kind of a tastemaker. Our openers for the evening are David Beeman of the aforementioned Old Lights and The Feed, both on Tower Groove Records’ roster, so expect the quality that comes with being a part of that line-up. Attend the concert, and for your generosity, be treated to a night of pop, rock, and whatever indie music is from one of Gramophone’s many comfy seats. “What a nice way to spend a Wednesday,” you’ll think, and resolve to do this sort of thing more often.

This is all to say that The Gramophone hooked us up with a pair of tickets to give away – we’d love to see some IWTAS readers representing there on Wednesday. Leave us a comment below, RT us, or write on Ye Olde Facebook Wall for a chance to win. I’ll randomly select someone the morning of the show, so hit it. 

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