LouFest Preview Part I: The Bands

Back when LouFest was in its infancy, one of us from IWTAS spent several hours volunteering with one of its founders, Brian Cohen, at a very stormy Earth Day talking to fellow St. Louisans about what would, in just a couple years time, become the Little Midwestern Music Festival That Could. It seemed crazy there in the rain, talking to this ambitious, bespectacled dude about how he, along with partners Rich Toma, Mike Van Hee, and Natalie Lakeman, were going to help put St. Louis back on the national music map.

Now in its 4th year, LouFest has expanded and adapted to larger crowds and is bringing in higher profile bands without losing its commitment to sustainability and locality.

In honor of LouFest’s 4th birthday, we’re posting a 4-part series of preview posts, highlighting what we think are the greatest aspects of LouFest: The Bands (duh), The Food, The Location (3-1-4Ever), and The Memories. Saddle up:






Local Natives: I’ve been following Local Natives since their Daytrotter session in 2009 and I finally get to see them live. I like their toe-tappable rhythms/beats/music and smart lyrics; they even reference public radio in a song!

Robert DeLong: I never heard of the guy until he showed up on the LouFest schedule. After the obligatory listen to artists I didn’t know, I went back to his “Global Concepts”. Who will join me for a 1:45pm dance party on Saturday? Bring your hipster glasses.




Jim James: Jim James can basically do no wrong in my eyes (or my ears). I’m a fan of his entire catalog and that includes his most recent solo effort. I’ve never seen his live show flop and I expect nothing but a stellar set supporting Regions of Light and Sound of God. It’ll have a unique energy thanks to James’ gift of making every show feel as if it’s been hand-crafted for whatever stage he happens to be on. And it’ll get weird, because Jim James does that.


Local Natives: Local Natives has been a fairly elusive live band for me. I got to seem them at Coachella a few years ago right after I got into their album, but I haven’t been able to catch them since. I absolutely love every single song they play and I am really looking forward to seeing their newest album played out on stage.




Toro y Moi: I haven’t seen him since he opened for Caribou at The Firebird in June of 2010 (which was EPIC).

Desert Noises: Can’t wait to see Desert Noises for the very first time, since I whiffed on the show at Plush in March.





Icona Pop: Can we explore for a second the huge window for fun that will exist between 5:30 and 6:30pm on Sunday, September 8th? By then, I assume each of you will be sufficiently sun-kissed and hydrated (or voluntarily dehydrated, your choice). The heat will be breaking for the day, and two lady pals from Stockholm are going to light you the fuuuuck up with their addictive pop anthems. Feel free to replace those two other songs with “I Love It” when choosing the #1 spot on your ‘SUMMER 2013 JAMZ!!!’ Spotify playlist.

Wilco: And now I confess that which I’ve never shared with another person, much less our entire blog readership. I have lived in the St. Louis region for almost 28 years, and have yet to see a Wilco concert, here or anywhere else. I don’t have an aversion to the band at all, in fact their stuff falls into the “Music That is Relevant to My Interests” category. So if you love ’em or not, Wilco headlining the first night of LouFest in Forest Park will indeed be something to remember.

Come back here tomorrow for Part II of our LouFest preview series, and follow along at www.loufest.com for schedule info, transportation tips, ticket giveaways, and much more.

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  1. PB says:

    So….who’s going to tell Julie that Desert Noises and Toro Y Moi are playing opposite of each other? Tis a big bummer.

  2. Julie says:

    GOTDAMMIT. I have intentionally not looked at the schedule for actual show times because I KNEW there’d be a conflict. Not to be one of those I FEAR CHANGE types, but dammit, THREE whole years of just parking it in one central spot and seeing every show on both stages and now THIS happens. LE SIGH. LE CRAZY LAUGH. LE SIGH AGAIN.

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