The Fortnightly: November 10th – November 24th


Illustrated by Annie McCance


Soon, we’ll all begin to hibernate in front of the impersonal glow of our screens for the winter. Undoubtedly you’ll find yourself under a blanket one evening, on your couch, with one finger poised over the “Enter” button on the tv remote, trying to decide whether to go out to a show or to consume your 7th consecutive episode of The Walking Dead. IWTAS has heard your beleaguered cries for help and we’ve decided to reinstate our popular two-week show calendar, The Fortnightly, as a means to get you outside during the chilly months.

For the uninitiated, The Fortnightly is a hand-illustrated calendar and list of IWTAS-approved shows stretching over a two-week period that one or more of us will likely attend (or wish we could).

As always, be safe and we’ll see you out there.

NOTE: We know what you’re thinking: “WHERE IN THE HECK are shout outs for Ellen the Felon, what with her record release at Skatium happening on the 15th?!” and “HEY, why do you guys hate Foxing, who are sending their album out into the world on the 15th, too, but at The Firebird?!” Well, we have a special TWO-FER lined up for that very special Friday night coming later this week, so calm your sweet local band-loving selves.

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  1. Jess says:

    Forgot to give a mention to tomorrow’s Spring Standards show at Off Broadway. Union Tree Review is opening the night, and it’s sadly their farewell performance as a band. We can’t wait to see what those kind, talented UTR folks will do next. Let’s send ’em off right.

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