Show Recap + Photos: Union Tree Review’s Final Set

In the fall of 2010, I stumbled upon a Union Tree Review show at Foam on Cherokee late one evening. I had been wandering around a bit that night – and pretty much every night that year – feeling a little lonely and trying to find a place to fit in a city I was begrudgingly starting to love. I had discovered recently a deference for live shows. Standing in a small, crowded room at Foam allowed me to feel like a part of something that was very present and inclusive, all the while remaining relatively anonymous.

October 2010.

October 2010.

I had been taking photos for this site, which was in its infancy. So at the conclusion of  UTR’s set, I introduced myself to Tawaine; we made small talk and, as I was packing up to leave, he pushed a 3-song EP into my hand. Our interaction was brief, but I was supremely grateful for his generosity and for that short, beautiful sample of his band’s work.

Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of seeing Union Tree play many more sets; they grew in skill, presence, and power. They always looked happy to be on stage. I was again grateful last Tuesday night at Off Broadway, when I was able to point my lens at Tawaine and the rest of Union Tree Review as they played their last set ever. It was emotional, deftly performed, and just a generally great experience.

Thank you for a wonderful run, UTR:











More photos of Union Tree Review’s last set here.

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