GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to the Apache Relay w/ the Lonely Wild at Old Rock House!

So a few weeks back all of us at IWTAS were scrambling around on a Saturday afternoon preparing for an evening house show at IWTAS HQ. I had some music playing overhead. All of a sudden our friend and co-conspirator Janet stopped in her tracks and was all, “WHO IS THIS BAND? I LOVE THEIR SOUND.”

Melissa Madison Fuller

The Apache Relay (credit: Melissa Madison Fuller)

Alas, the band she was hearing was Apache Relay (the song? “American Nomad“). Tonight, the Nashville-based indie roots quintet takes the stage at Old Rock House to play songs from their lush 2011 record, as well as tracks from their forthcoming 2014 full-length. I’ve been able to give it some listens and let me tell y’all, it is a delight. Since I’ve never seen the guys live, here’s what a HuffPo writer had to say after catching a set: “They’ve got kind of an Arcade Fire meets boys raised on gospel and Bruce Springsteen approach to what they do, and they’re called the Apache Relay. They’re a fantastic live band.”

They also recently got some love from Rolling Stone, which premiered the first single, called “Katie Queen of Tennessee”, off the aforementioned April 22nd release. Here’s the video:

Sharing the headlining spot with the Apache Relay tonight at ORH is the Lonely Wild out of LA. These folks ended up on my radar thanks to IWTAS buddy Joel, the joival, bespectacled FORMER Missouri New Belgium beer rep who has since moved to Portland in an effort to spread the NB gospel there.

The Lonely WildThe Lonely Wild

Band recommendations from friends you trust are the best. Check out the Lonely Wild’s “Banks and Ballrooms” off 2013’s The Sun as It Comes.

HERE’S THE FUN PART: The Lonely Wild has gifted us with a pair of tickets to the show TONIGHT. All you have to do is leave us a comment below! You can also RT our tweet containing a link to this post, or comment on the corresponding Facebook post. It’s so easy! I really want a cool St. Louisan and IWTAS follower to experience the Apache Relay and the Lonely Wild (also on the bill: Promised Land Sound). Things kick off at 8pm; I’ll see you there!

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  1. Mark Mathews says:

    So stoked for this show! I may be a broke college kid but I’m gonna make sure I’m there tonight!

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