[PHOTOS] The Lonely Wild and The Apache Relay at Old Rock House

Last Thursday, the Lonely Wild and the Apache Relay co-headlined Old Rock House. It was a nice night; the cold weather had broken and snow was melting all over the patio and the moon was out, clear and bright.

I showed up excited to see the Apache Relay. The title track of their 2011 album has been swimming around in my head for weeks. Late into the evening the guys delivered a warm and relaxed performance to a mostly empty room, which was my/your/our fault and not theirs. If their set was any indication, the new record the band is putting out in late April (available for preorder now) is going to be pretty wonderful. Photo evidence below:

The Lonely Wild just blew me away. I highly recommend listening to their recorded work, which is subtle and smart and pretty. I insist, though, that you go see the group live next time they’re here. These folks went from a quiet, thoughtful folk band to hard rockers and everywhere in between during their 45 minutes. There were harmonies, there was ragin’, there were moments of utter catharsis. Again, DO go see the Lonely Wild live; you won’t regret it. Pictures:

All photos by Jess Luther. More Apache Relay here. More Lonely Wild here


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