#STLSOTD: Wednesday, September 24th – Hidden Lakes’ “Respite”

Photo by Jason Stoff. Photo by Jason Stoff.

Nostalgia can be a thorny artistic implement if leaned upon, but STL shoegaze group Hidden Lakes doesn’t shy away from the way back machine, and their small but solid body of work reveals a longing for the past that never veers into schmaltz. This Saturday, the band will perform as the Cure for An Under Cover Weekend: Volume 8 at The Firebird, a near-perfect famous band match.

In celebration of their upcoming performance, we’ve chosen Hidden Lakes’ “Respite”, a formidable track from the 2012 full-length release, Model Airplanesas our STL Song of the Day. You can go outside and listen to this one loud:

You can also check out two tracks from Hidden Lakes’ forthcoming LP on Bandcamp, which is to be released in 2015.

Tickets are available to Night 2 of An Undercover Weekend here.

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