[PHOTOS] Frontier Ruckus w/ Justin Kinkel-Schuster at Off Broadway – Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Frontier Ruckus rules live, although only about twenty of us found that out last Wednesday at Off Broadway. Pity, because the Matthew Milia-led loud folk outlet from Detroit is poised but loose on stage with energy and good humor to spare.

A musical saw was used to buttress a song rather than as a gimmick.

Witnessed in person, “I Buried You So Deep” was especially dark and beautiful.

Davey Jones (banjo, et al), a founding member of FR and the band’s not-so-secret weapon, was the unassuming side-stage hero of the night.

“Sad Modernity”, a darkly funny track about being shitfaced at an old enemy’s wedding and off Frontier Ruckus’ 2014 full length, Sitcom Afterlife, was cathartic and energizing.

I told Jones on the way out that I’d bring more friends next time. Until then, enjoy some photos from the evening:

Frontier Ruckus…

Justin Kinkel-Schuster (Water Liars) opened the show….

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