IWTAS Exclusive: Stacey Winter Debuts “Staying Power”

Stacey Winter
Photo credit: Nate Burrell

“I’ve been writing and recording this shit for years and never bothered to release anything,” admits Kit Hamon, who is behind new solo pop project Stacey Winter. Citing intermittent bouts of insecurity and inertia, Hamon says that bringing his music to life was ultimately due to a conversation with a friend regarding the self-indulgent nature of making art but not sharing it.

Thus, Hamon enlisted Dan Mehrmann of Jettison Studios to begin the process of mixing and mastering a growing body of yet-to-be-released songs.

IWTAS is fortunate enough to share with our readers the first of Hamon’s Stacey Winter tracks, a sarcastic and snappy singalong called “Staying Power”:

We’re excited to hear more of this buoyant, melodic pop from Stacey Winter. Follow the project on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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