Local Musicians Step Up To Replace Foam’s Stolen PA

With the absence of a Sunday liquor license, Foam owner Mic Boshans enlisted the help of S. Grand club CBGB to host a show last weekend. The evening went well and Boshans packed Foam’s PA system back into his car. In the time between the end of the concert and his departure, Boshans says thieves broke into his vehicle and stole the PA.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Boshans, who recently took the helm of the cozy Cherokee Street bar and music venue. He’s actively increased Foam’s social media presence, tidied up the space itself, filled out the bar, and has built up the event calendar with alternative comedy, potlucks, open mic nights, and straight up rock shows.

Mic Boshans

Unsurprisingly, within hours of the robbery the local music community had banded together on the internet and a benefit show was booked for Friday, February 6th. The lineup features Golden CurlsEric Hall, Hands and Feet, Whiskey Ginger, John Krane, and Jim Peters.

Foam’s sweet little stage and warm room.

Where the meetings and the greetings happen (the back room at Foam). 

Join us on 2/6 with some cash in hand to support the purchase of a new PA system for this welcoming and worthwhile venue. Or swing by the space on your own and drop off a little donation. Best wishes to Mic and the Foam crew!

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