[SHOW PREVIEW] .e to Release Debut Album, ‘Of Crashing Symbols’, at The Heavy Anchor

“I’m not interested in presenting the songs in a way that sounds just like the album,” writes Dottie Georges, the artist behind St. Louis-based experimental electronic project .e, about her impending record release show. She’s an improviser during live performances and relishes the opportunity to rearrange her recorded work in front of a crowd.

Already embedded in the local music community, Georges has spent the past few years on hiatus. She’ll make her return to playing out this Saturday at The Heavy Anchor when she presents her debut, Of Crashing Symbols, to the public in a trifecta of mediums (LP, CD, digital).

e releases “Of Crashing Symbols” this Saturday at The Heavy Anchor.

Hands and Feet along with Van Buren will serve as a supporting cast on Saturday night. “Both have been on a tear lately,” remarks Georges. “I’m happy to be able to share the show with acts I not only enjoy but am friends with as well.”

.e release flyer - color

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