#STLSOTD: The Defeated County Takes on “Goodnight, Irene”

#STLSOTD is an occasional I Went to a Show.com Monday-Friday feature that introduces followers to St. Louis music by spotlighting one track by one artist or band from IWTAS’ Bandcamp Directory of St. Louis MusicAs always, we welcome your suggestions. If we pick the song you share with us on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments section of this post, we’ll make sure to give you a shout out.

The Defeated County

Popularized by Lead Belly in the 1930s, The Defeated County is officially debuting their take on “Goodnight, Irene” tonight at Foam. They play alongside The Fog Lights and Frontal Lobe (their debut show). Details here!

In addition to the normal Defeated lineup of Langen Neubacher, Irene Allen, Glenn Burleigh, Simon Chervitz, and Jeremy Shanas, the recorded version of the track includes harmonies from guest vocalist Leslie Sanazaro. Enjoy:


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