[PHOTOS + REVIEW] Best Coast w/ Bully at The Ready Room: 6/10/15

[words and photos by Durrie Bouscaren]

Oh, Best Coast. Close your eyes during their set and it feels like California. And road trips. And sunshine.

Best Coast 

Right now they’re touring a new album called California Nights, which came out back in May. The crowd seemed really supportive of the newer songs, and already knew the lyrics to “Feeling OK” so I’d say that’s a fast turnaround. Good work, St. Louis indie fans.


LA-based Best Coast is Bethany Cosentino on vocals and guitar and Bobb Bruno on guitar and bass. Guitarist Joey Bautista is in the hat, Brett Mielke plays bass, while Brady Miller takes on the drums.

Here’s a snap of Bruno, who happened to be standing near some type of fan or wind machine that was totally working for him:


And Cosentino might be the most expressive artist I’ve heard in a while. Look at all the expressions! Watching her makes you feel like those lyrics about slighted love, confronting adulthood, and sleepless nights are really coming from somewhere genuine.






Overall, great show Best Coast. Thanks for stopping by. SERIOUS props for playing in those shoes, Bethany. Also, where did you get them?

photo 1

Bully opened the evening, a Nashville-based indie rock group whose sound demands to be heard.

The foursome is fronted by Alicia Bagnanno, who pairs the strength behind her vocals with incredibly vivid lyrics—milkshake-thick lies, backyard nosebleeds and the smell of an ex’s sheets.


If you want to hear that juxtaposition firsthand, take a listen to her studio version of “I Remember”:

photo 2

Laying down the power chords are guitarist Clayton Parker and bassist Keece Lazarus, drummer Stewart Copeland supplies the beats. I’d say they’re reminiscent of 90’s grunge, but not predictable at all.


After the set, I spotted Bognanno chatting up fans and selling records at the merch table. She says she’s from Minnesota originally, and the sweetness totally shows.


Bully has an album coming out on June 23 — based on their set last night, I’d say it should be a strong one!


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