It’s FREE WEEK at the Heavy Anchor!

Heavy Anchor InteriorThe Heavy Anchor’s bar side (from HA’s Facebook page).

Jodie Timbrook always knew she would own a business. But in her early 20s, the type of business was still “TBD”. Eventually, while working part-time at a local recording studio and with future husband, Josh Timbrook, set to return home after months on the road with a touring band, taking the leap into self-employment just felt right.

“We were relatively young, willing to take a
risk, and eager for something that was new and our own.”
— Jodie Timbrook, co-owner of The Heavy Anchor in Bevo.

Bar ownership, however, started out as a joke among their group of friends. “Josh and I would talk about opening a bar…but it was always while we were drinking at other bars,” explains Timbrook. At some point, the couple’s liquid courage became actual courage and they set out in a flurry of activity. “We made a business plan, started touring available locations, did the financials, etc., and somehow it all seemed feasible. We toured the location we’re at now, walked outside, looked at each other, and said, ‘This is the place’. Things just snowballed the months after that and, with the help of friends, family, our literal blood, sweat, and tears — and working 70+ hours a week — it all came together.” Thus was born The Heavy Anchor off Gravois in Bevo Mill.

The Timbrooks
Jodie and Josh Timbrook.

The Timbrooks’ collective drive, planning, and passion meant that Jodie was confident about rolling out The Heavy Anchor. In fact, the possibility of failure didn’t loom overhead until opening day: “I unlocked the door and for the first time thought, ‘What if no one comes?!’. Now, almost five years later, I’m so thankful for every single customer, family member, and friend who supports the bar and makes me love coming to work.”

Half The Heavy Anchor is a dive bar with a twist; the room boasts rich blue, mural-ed walls, shuffleboard and other games, and nautically-themed tchotchkes. The other half (separated by a working garage door) is a proper venue that features concerts, comedy, movie and video game nights, and more. The owners’ enthusiasm for hosting zany events at a good price (the standard cover is $7) helps the venue stand out. Memorable evenings include a pirate roller skating night and a 90s-style Under the Sea-themed ‘prom’, both of which were “ridiculous fun” to execute, says Timbrook.

To celebrate nearly a half-decade of success in Bevo, The Heavy Anchor is hosting “FREE WEEK” this week, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The multi-night, cover-free party is presented by local heroes 4 Hands Brewing Company, who will be on-hand with giveaways and drink specials. Mastermind Vodka (Pontoon Beach, IL) joins in on Saturday, October 3rd from 6-9 pm with complimentary tastings.

Check out the The Heavy Anchor’s full FREE WEEK event schedule below, paying special attention to the three rad nights of music beginning this Thursday evening:

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