[CONTEST] Win a Pair of Tickets to Craig Finn at Old Rock House!

Personal anecdote: I was schooled in the merits of Craig Finn via a live Hold Steady show at LouFest in 2011. I ambled into the photo pit exhausted from the day, with no expectations except “Dad rock, maybe?”. But quickly, from behind my lens, I was drawn in by The Hold Steady’s vibrancy, emotion, technical skill, and Finn’s songwriting. It was a riveting performance; one that caused me to chastise myself (again) for passing premature judgement on a band to which I thought I couldn’t relate. Don’t be like me.

Craig Finn with the Hold Steady at LouFest 2011. 

Finn’s striking songwriting is more tightly framed in his two recent solo efforts, 2012’s Clear Heart Full Eyes and this year’s Faith In The Future. Both records are emboldened by occasional departures from The Hold Steady signature sound, so the shows touring them are chock full of appealing material for fans of Craig Finn the Man and Craig Finn the Band. (I experienced this firsthand when CF the Man played Off Broadway’s Open Highway Music Festival over the summer.)


Tomorrow, Craig Finn returns to St. Louis for a show at Old Rock House. Luckily, IWTAS has a pair of tickets to give away!

Leave a comment below or on the corresponding FB post to be entered to win (remember to give us a real email with the comment; that’s how we’ll reach you). A winner will be randomly selected tomorrow (10/29) by noon!

Comments (2)

  1. Wes Harbison says:

    Hello Jess + IWTAS! It also took me a minute to fully appreciate the Hold Steady and I’m still kicking myself for all the potential times I could have seen them but didn’t. Would love to see Craig in the meantime!

  2. Dan O'Saben says:

    Saw the Hold Steady at SXSW a few years ago, under a tent. It was a great show, and Craig Finn looked like he was holding a revival, with hands in the air, testifying. Would love to experience the religion of rock with him again.

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