[PHOTOS] Cara Louise Band at Off Broadway: 4/23/16

I’ve celebrated River Kittens many times over on this blog, so catching the band’s headlining set at a fully local, Saturday night Off Broadway show was an easy decision. RK stacked their lineup with like-minded but uniquely talented STL support. (And the encore, a soaring rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, had me feeling FEELINGS. Also all the beer.)


4th City Rag got things going. Their raucous rockabilly set us off on a tear! Do check them out next chance ya get.

Cara Louise Band was up next. It was, surprisingly, my first time seeing these folks live. It won’t be the last. Classic country sounds partner with Americana sensibilities and clear a path for Cara Wegener’s keen songwriting. I took some photos and then got back to dancin’:

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