Kid Scientist, cute-ing it up like they do. 

“This year was so unfathomably shitty by so many metrics – we just wanted to do something that would make people smile,” wrote Joe Taylor, leader of the local electropop group Kid Scientist. ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ has long been a holiday favorite of Taylor’s, so Kid Sci — in their trademark cheeky style — dreamed up a long take music video for the classic song.

Being charmed by it on first watch, I asked Taylor to share more about the process of creating this type of piece. “I think we shot about 12 takes. Well, I know we did, because we cracked a dozen eggs. The original idea was to just record a live video of us playing a Kid Sci song around a fire. But like most of our ideas, it quickly included a bunch of props, a Parisian portrait artist, and wardrobe changes. Our friend Jason shot it while our other friend Katy yelled what ‘scene’ was coming up. I’ve always wanted to shoot a long take vid. It was so much fun, and there’s no editing really on the back end. Now I know why that lazy OK Go band shoots all theirs that way…”

As we close a year that, as Taylor described, “…will go down in history as just that emoji with the jagged rictus grin that looks like it’s always on the verge of crying,” this sweet and silly Kid Scientist cover video put a warmth in my heart. Enjoy:

Kid Scientist plays on New Years Eve, 12/31, at Mangia with Bass Amp & Dano and Bad Cover Band Sam from 11 pm to 2 am. No cover.

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