TOP SHOWS OF 2016: The Ask

This year, as in years past, we’re asking our followers to share with us their favorite concerts from the last 12 months.


You don’t need to be a writer or a person involved in the music scene to participate, though we enthusiastically invite our artist and industry friends to do so.

We just want to hear from St. Louisans who love live music and who experienced at least three (3) super rad shows in 2016. We’ll take your contributions, edit them for clarity and check for typos and such, then compile them all together in one mega-post near the end of December. Anyone who provides us a list via the survey or email (and who isn’t a literal monster or a big jerk) will be included in IWTAS’ TOP SHOWS OF 2016 post. Here’s said survey:

Most people choose to write about each of their three favorite shows from the year. Some write a lot, others just a couple sentences. And some contributors just give us a list. IWTAS is grateful for any and all of it.

Here are posts from the last couple years for reference:

TOP SHOWS OF 2014: Parts I, II, & III

Please send us your TOP SHOWS by Friday, December 23rd. We’ll reach out to you via email before we feature your work. Thanks so much for spending time with us this year. 

IWTAS (Jess & Annie)

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