[PHOTOS] Dinosaur Jr. w/ Easy Action at Delmar Hall: 03/19/17

J Mascis and clan descended upon Delmar Hall last Sunday to play a memorable sold out show with Easy Action, fronted by hardcore pioneer John Brannon.

Dinosaur Jr. boasts an engaged, dedicated fan base that helped make the show as joyful as it was loud. The front rows reflected the veteran status of a storied rock band, with young dads introducing their tween sons to Lou Barlow’s peerless bass-playing and Mascis’ deafening, confounding guitar solos (all through the safety of earplugs, of course).

It was the type of Sunday night that paid no mind to the impending work week or the baffling state of society. It was good, clean, roaring fun. “Stand in the back if you want to hear vocals,” Mascis advised us. ‘Cause up front all you’ll get is guitar.

[Photos by Jess Luther.]



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