[PREMIER] Lida Una’s “Sunday Afternoon” Music Video

St. Louis indie rock band Lida Una has been making original music in town for upwards of 10 years. Now, the trio of Carter Nieters, Ron Askew, and Steve Ambrosius is stepping into the spotlight with the premier of a Brian McClelland-directed narrative video for “Sunday Afternoon,” a highlight track off the group’s fourth album, In the Weeds, which was released in June 2017.

Carter Nieters of Lida Una

The video stars Philip Zahnd, who you might recognize from beloved “woozy pop” outfit Golden Curls, and Ali Linderer, a star of Stray Dog Theatre’s current offering, Steel Magnolias (closing this weekend!).

Enjoy the IWTAS-exclusive premier of Lida Una’s “Sunday Afternoon” below: 

Lida Una’s catalog is available on CD Baby and Amazon.

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