[PREMIER] Watch Prairie Rehab’s New Music Video for “Furious Love”

Hailed in 2013 as The Riverfront Times’ Best Alternative Country act, Prairie Rehab’s latest release, Houses, sways closer to pop-informed folk music than to the St. Louis region’s anointed, twangy genre.

For the band’s fifth album, Scott Swartz, John Baldus, and Ezequiel Valguarnera are still serving classic Western looks and demonstrating some classic country chops. But a measured, warm vocal performance by Lacie Williams, along with her skillful songwriting, invites comparisons to Canada’s Julie Doiron or Portland’s Laura Veirs, both far cries from Williams’ native Grayson County, Texas. Flourishes courtesy of other local luminaries (among them, harmonies from Devon Cahill and keyboard work from Christian Schaeffer) carve niches that help the genre-defying tracks on Houses fit together cohesively under one sonic roof.

Lacie Williams is one of the best lyricists in the city, turning the prosaic into the poetic with reverence and care. Perhaps when another unassuming talent floats into our orbit, it won’t take five records for many of us — this writer included — to pay attention.

Prairie Rehab releases Houses tomorrow at Schlafly Tap Room with Melody Den. To get the party started early, the band offered to premier a lovely music video that accompanies the album’s lead track, called “Furious Love,” on IWTAS. Enjoy it below and we’ll see ya out there:

Show details:

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Prairie Rehab Album Release w/ Melody Den
Schlafly Tap Room
9:00 pm

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