[PREMIERE] Holy Posers Share “Grapenuts” Song + Video

Tomorrow, an intriguing new St. Louis band will take the stage at Off Broadway to support their buds, dreamy trio Golden Curls, as GC releases its new album. (Read about Golden Curls’ Goblin Market here!)

Holy Posers

To ready the body and spirit for the blessing that is a local release party on a Friday night at O.B., I’m pleased to share with you fresh work from Holy Posers, a six-member pop outfit led by Trent Dickerson that got together to play some of Dickerson’s songs for a friend’s party in 2017.

Ashley Byrne, Philip Zahnd, Aaron Essner, Peter Graham, Brian Thompson, and Trent had such a good time readying their set that the group of pals made it official, eventually even living together for a week to record their first album. Some of you might recognize a few of the players from other bands, and Dickerson makes it a point to acknowledge the unique talent each of his mates brings to Holy Posers. Essner sits behind the kit for Jailbox and Zahnd will pull double duty on Friday as one-third of Golden Curls. Dickerson has had a hand in numerous musical projects around town; Holy Posers is an amalgamation of those experiences. Expect clever, catchy pop with figurative teeth and literal horns. I love what I’m hearing so far.

Below, IWTAS is happy to premier the video for the first track off Holy Posers’ January 2020 debut album. Check out “Grapenuts,” now available on Bandcamp:

Buy “Grapenuts”:

See Holy Posers live: 

Friday, 11/15
Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Ave)
7:30 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. Music
Golden Curls Album Release 
w/ Holy Posers & Adult Fur

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