[ANNOUNCEMENT] A New St. Louis Song of the Day Feature from IWTAS

A little over a year ago, we did this thing where we scoured Bandcamp for tunes bearing St. Louis-esque tags, and compiled an alphabetical directory for our readers that would allow them to discover tons of STL music, without hope or agenda. Since then, you all have been browsing and listening to work from local artists every single day (so says our make-believe web statistician), and we’re glad that the directory has become such a resource for the St. Louis music community.

Today, we seek to expand on our mission to educate local music fans by highlighting one track from one band each day, Monday through Friday, of every week (knowing us, we’ll miss a day here or there). And sure, the four of us who run IWTAS will be picking the songs subjectively because we think they feature good words or good riffs or give us good feelings, but we’ll be pulling our selections from all over the map sound-wise. As always, we welcome your suggestions. If we pick the song you share with us on Twitter or Facebook, we’ll make sure to give you a shout out.

Our inaugural #STLSOTD comes from So Many Dynamos, and it’s called, “Let’s Just See What Happens”, off their 2012 self-titled EP. You can buy that EP in 4×6″ magnet form. This track builds like a gem, and feels like part of a soundtrack to the barbecue you’re definitely going to have this weekend in your back yard with your buddies. Turn it up.

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