IWTAS’ Bandcamp Directory to St. Louis Music

UPDATED 02/25/14.

Hi. We gathered something for you.

Below, find over 100 STL area Bandcamp* links. We didn’t provide you with a genre or a RIYL guide. Be adventurous! Surprise your ears and yourself.

3 of 5: http://thevanillabeans.bandcamp.com/

The 12 to 6 Movement: http://12to6movement.bandcamp.com/

Acorns to Oaks: http://acornstooaks.bandcamp.com/

Adult Fur: http://adultfur.bandcamp.com

Allie Vogler: http://allievogler.bandcamp.com/

Andy Berkhout: http://andyberkhout.bandcamp.com/

Animal Empty: http://animalempty.bandcamp.com/

Aquitaine: http://aquitaine.bandcamp.com/

Armadillo: http://armadilloarmadillo.bandcamp.com/

Arthur and the Librarian: http://arthurandthelibrarian.bandcamp.com/

Adartis: http://adartis.bandcamp.com/

Bestfriends: http://bestfriendsstl.bandcamp.com/

Seth Porter of The Blind Eyes.

The Blind Eyes

Beth Bombara: http://bethbombara.bandcamp.com/

Bible Belt Sinners: http://biblebeltsinners.bandcamp.com/

Black Fast: http://blackfast.bandcamp.com/album/starving-out-the-light

Black for a Second: http://blackforasecond1.bandcamp.com/

Black James: http://blackjames.bandcamp.com/

Blackwater 64: http://gabeusery.bandcamp.com/album/whiskey-and-wine

The Blind Eyes: http://theblindeyes.bandcamp.com/

The Blind Nils: http://theblindnils.bandcamp.com/

Bluefish: http://bluefishmusic.bandcamp.com/

Bo & the Locomotive: http://boandthelocomotive.bandcamp.com/

Bo and the Locomotive

Bo and the Locomotive

Bob Reuter: http://bobreuter.bandcamp.com/

The Brainstems: http://brainstems.bandcamp.com/

Breakmouth Annie: http://breakmouthanniestl.bandcamp.com/

The Breaks: http://therealbreaks.bandcamp.com/

Brett Gretzky: http://brettgretzky.bandcamp.com/

Bridgeton Airfield: http://bridgetonairfield.bandcamp.com/

Britches: http://britchesbritches.bandcamp.com/

Brotherfather: http://brotherfather.bandcamp.com/

Brothers Lazaroff: http://brotherslazaroff.bandcamp.com/

Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals: http://brotherleetheleatherjackals.bandcamp.com/

Jason Potter of Bruiser Queen

Bruiser Queen

Bruiser Queen: http://bruiserqueen.bandcamp.com/

Bug Chaser: http://bugchaser.bandcamp.com/

Bulletpop: http://bulletpop.bandcamp.com/

Burrowss: http://burrowss.bandcamp.com/

Campfire Club: http://thecampfireclub.bandcamp.com/

Caroline Glaser: http://carolineglaser.bandcamp.com/

Cassie Morgan: http://cassiemorgan.bandcamp.com/

Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine.

Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine

Catholic Guilt: http://catholicguilt.bandcamp.com/

CaveofswordS: http://caveofswords.bandcamp.com/

The Chainsaw Gentlemen: http://thechainsawgentlemen.bandcamp.com/

The Conformists: http://sounds.theconformists.com/

Corbeta Corbata: http://corbetacorbata.bandcamp.com/

Cosmic Afterthoughts: http://cosmicafterthoughts.bandcamp.com/

Cree Rider Family Band: http://crfb.bandcamp.com/

The Defeated County: http://thedefeatedcounty.bandcamp.com/

Demon Lover: http://demonloverstl.bandcamp.com/

DinoFight!: http://dinofight.bandcamp.com/



The Dive Poets: http://thedivepoets.bandcamp.com/

DJ Mahf: http://dj-mahf.bandcamp.com/

Doom Town: http://doomtownstl.bandcamp.com/

Dots Not Feathers: http://dotsnotfeathersmusic.bandcamp.com/

Dropkick the Robot: http://dropkicktherobot.bandcamp.com/

Dubb Nubb: http://dubbnubb.bandcamp.com/

Durango: http://durango.bandcamp.com/

The Educated Guess: http://theeducatedguess.bandcamp.com/

Elfkicker: http://elfkicker.bandcamp.com/

Eric Hall: http://erichall.bandcamp.com/

ESCALADE: http://escaladestl.bandcamp.com/

Everything Went Black: http://everythingwentblack.bandcamp.com/

FarFetched (art+music collective): http://farfetched.bandcamp.com/

Firebrand Recording: http://firebrandrecording.bandcamp.com/

FIRE DOG: http://firedog.bandcamp.com/

Fister: http://fister.bandcamp.com/

Foxing: http://foxingtheband.bandcamp.com/

Franco-Hill: http://franco-hill.bandcamp.com/

The Fuck Off and Dies: http://fuckoffanddies.bandcamp.com/

Funky Butt Brass Band: http://funkybuttbrassband.bandcamp.com/

GaragePunk Records: http://grgpnkrecords.bandcamp.com/

The Glass Calvary: http://theglasscavalry.bandcamp.com/

Golden Curls: http://goldencurls.bandcamp.com/

The Gorge: http://thegorge.bandcamp.com/

Grace Basement: http://gracebasement.bandcamp.com/

The Groundhogs: http://groundhogs.bandcamp.com/

Hands and Feet: http://handsandfeet.bandcamp.com/

Hidden Lakes: http://hiddenlakes.bandcamp.com/

The Highway Companion: http://thehighwaycompanion.bandcamp.com/

The Hobosexuals: http://youcanbeahobosexual.bandcamp.com/

Ryne Watts of The Hobosexuals

Ryne Watts, The Hobosexuals

Holiday at Sea: http://holidayatsea1.bandcamp.com/

The Homewreckers: http://thehomewreckersstl.bandcamp.com/

Hope & Therapy: http://hopeandtherapy.bandcamp.com/

HUMDRUM: http://humdrum.bandcamp.com/

Hurt Feelings: http://hurtfeelings.bandcamp.com/

I Hate Punk Rock Records: http://ihatepunkrock.bandcamp.com/

Io Media: http://iomedia.bandcamp.com/

Illphonics: http://illphonics.bandcamp.com/

Intergalactic Sweater: http://intergalacticsweater.bandcamp.com/

it!: http://itmusic.bandcamp.com/

Jack Buck: http://jackbuck.bandcamp.com/

Jack Grelle: http://jackgrelle.bandcamp.com/

Jason Vargas: http://jasonvargasmusic.bandcamp.com/

John Donovan: http://johndonovan.bandcamp.com/

Jonezy: http://jonezy.bandcamp.com/

Jump Starts: http://jumpstarts.bandcamp.com/

Jumbling Towers: http://jumblingtowers.bandcamp.com/

Kentucky Knife Fight

Kentucky Knife Fight: http://kentuckyknifefight.bandcamp.com/

Kid Counselor: http://kidcounselor.bandcamp.com/

Kid Scientist: http://kidscientist.bandcamp.com/

Kisser: http://kisser.bandcamp.com

KWUR Radio (live sessions from local + national artists): http://kwur.bandcamp.com/

Lantern Lights: http://lanternlightsmusic.com/

Letter to Memphis: http://lettertomemphis.bandcamp.com/

LTSFTG: http://lasttoshowfirsttogo.bandcamp.com/

Leopard Print Pills: http://leopardprintpills.bandcamp.com/

Leslie Sanazaro: http://lesliesanazaro.bandcamp.com/

Little Big Bangs: http://littlebigbangs.bandcamp.com/

Lobby Boxer: http://lobbyboxer.bandcamp.com/

Lonesome Cowboy Ryan: http://lonesomecowboyryan.bandcamp.com/

Mathias & the Pirates

Mathias & the Pirates

Mathias: http://mathias.bandcamp.com/

Maximum Effort: http://maximumeffort.bandcamp.com/

May Day Orchestra: http://themaydayorchestra.bandcamp.com/

Melody Den: http://melodyden.bandcamp.com/

The Mhurs: http://themhurs.bandcamp.com/

Middle Class Fashion: http://middleclassfashion.bandcamp.com/

Mikey Wehling: http://mikeywehling.com/

Miss Molly Simms: http://missmollysimms.bandcamp.com/

Music Embryo: http://musicembryo.bandcamp.com/

My Molly: http://mymollymusic.bandcamp.com/

Navigator: http://navigatorstl.bandcamp.com/

née: http://neemusic.bandcamp.com/

Kristin Dennis of nee.


The Night Grinder: http://thenightgrinder.bandcamp.com/

Ockum’s Razor: http://ockumsrazor.bandcamp.com/

Old Lights: http://oldlights.bandcamp.com/

Old Souls Revival: http://theoldsoulsrevival.bandcamp.com/

The Orbz: http://theorbz.bandcamp.com/

Ou Où: http://ouou.bandcamp.com/

Peach: http://peach.bandcamp.com/

Picture Day: http://picturedaystl.bandcamp.com/

Popular Mechanics: https://popularmechanics.bandcamp.com/

Prairie Rehab: http://prairierehab.bandcamp.com/

Pretty Little Empire: http://prettylittleempire.bandcamp.com

Pretty Little Empire

Pretty Little Empire

Prince Ea: http://princeea.bandcamp.com/

Ra Cailum: http://racailum.bandcamp.com/

Ransom Note: http://ransomnotestl.bandcamp.com/

Rev. Matt: http://revmatt.bandcamp.com/

Rockwell Knuckles: http://rockwellknuckles1.bandcamp.com/

Rulers: http://rulersstl.bandcamp.com/

Rum Drum Ramblers: http://rumdrumramblers.bandcamp.com/

Sappy: http://sappy.bandcamp.com/

Scarlet Tanager: http://scarlettanager.bandcamp.com/

Search Parties: http://searchpartiesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/three-songs

Shark Dad: http://wearesharkdad.bandcamp.com/

Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager

Shaved Women: http://shavedwomen.bandcamp.com/

Since 1902: http://since1902music.bandcamp.com/

The Skekses: http://theskekses.bandcamp.com/

Sleepy Kitty: http://sleepykitty.bandcamp.com/

So Many Dynamos: http://somanydynamos.bandcamp.com/

Spectator: http://spectatorstl.bandcamp.com/

Spelling Bee: http://spellingbee.bandcamp.com/

STL DIY (hardcore/punk/noise/metal)http://stldiyradio.bandcamp.com/

STL LOUD: http://stlloud.bandcamp.com/

Stonechat: http://stonechat.bandcamp.com/

Superhero Killer: http://superherokiller.bandcamp.com/

Swords and Horns: http://swordsandhorns.bandcamp.com/

Syna So Pro: http://synasopro.bandcamp.com/

Syna So Pro

Teddy Presberg: http://music.teddypresberg.com/

Tef Poe: http://tefpoemusic.bandcamp.com/

Teresa Jenee: http://teresajenee.bandcamp.com/

Thee Fine Lines: http://theefinelines.bandcamp.com/

Theresa Payne: http://theresapayne.bandcamp.com/

This City of Takers: http://thiscityoftakers.bandcamp.com/

Jenn Malzone of Tight Pants Syndrome and Middle Class Fashion.

Jenn Malzone of Tight Pants Syndrome and Middle Class Fashion

Tight Pants Syndrome: http://tightpantssyndrome.bandcamp.com/

TIRC Records: http://tircrecords.bandcamp.com/

Tok: http://tokandroll.bandcamp.com/

Totally Gay Cop: http://totallygaycop.bandcamp.com/

Tower Groove Records: http://towergrooverecords.bandcamp.com/

Town Cars: http://towncars.bandcamp.com/

Trotting Bear: http://trottingbear.bandcamp.com/

The Union Electric: http://theunionelectric.bandcamp.com/

Union Tree Review: http://uniontreereview.bandcamp.com/

The Union Electric

The Union Electric

The Vanilla Beans: http://thevanillabeans.bandcamp.com/

Various Hands: http://varioushands.bandcamp.com/

Via Dove: http://viadove.bandcamp.com/

VOLCANOES: http://hugevolcanoes.bandcamp.com/

The Warbuckles: http://warbuckles.bandcamp.com/

Whoa Thunder: http://whoathunder.bandcamp.com/

Wicked Thoughts: http://wickedthoughts.bandcamp.com/

Yankee Racers: http://yankeeracers.bandcamp.com/ 

Yowie: http://yowie.bandcamp.com/

Zak M.: http://zakm.bandcamp.com/

While I did spend hours going through the music tagged “St. Louis”, “St Louis”, or “Saint Louis” on Bandcamp, you’ll no doubt want to tell me which bands I inevitably missed. Please do, in the comment section below! I’ll (most likely) add them to this list for posterity.

* Why only Bandcamp? Because it’s a clean, user-friendly, ad-free way to legally stream and buy music directly from artists. There are also little bonus bits floating around on BC sites for concert calendars, song lyrics, etc. Nothing too fancy, just the good stuff.

February 27. 2012 by Jess
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  1. avatar

    Seriously amazing selection. Thanks for posting y’alls!
    Here’s one more: http://bruiserqueen.bandcamp.com/

  2. avatar

    so great you guys, thanks for taking the time to do this. i have band friends asking what local STL bands they should play with all the damn time and this will be really helpful.

  3. avatar

    The Night Grinder. Brad’s record “Utopia” was easily noise record of the year for 2011. It’s meticulous.


  4. avatar

    Nice work! Here’s one that will be getting some new content soon:


  5. avatar

    Various Hands. Varioushands.bandcamp.com

  6. avatar


    keep you ear to the ground for more big muddy bandcamp releases! check out bigmuddyrecords.com and facebook.com/bigmuddyrecords

  7. avatar

    Missing St Louis so bad right now. Thanks for this.

  8. avatar

    this is really, really awesome!! thanks for all your time and hard work!

  9. avatar

    I feel like I need to reevaluate our tags


  10. avatar

    Adding now. I actually meant to look for you all. Thought you had a Bandcamp.

  11. avatar

    Two more:


    Great list!

  12. avatar

    great list! two more for ya

    my band

    my bassist’s other band

  13. avatar

    Hey guys – here’s some synth poppy stuff I do under the name “Sappy”: http://sappy.bandcamp.com/

    Awesome list. Thanks for doing this. It would be even more awesome if the links opened separate tabs/windows, so we don’t navigate away from this page.

  14. avatar

    hey hey there folks, love the list! it is really neat to see, laid out before your own eyes, so many awesome acts, and to know they are all from st. f#@ckin’ louis makes it even better. what a town!!!
    btw, if i may toot our own horn:

  15. avatar


    I’ll have the boys put a ‘St. Louis’ tag on their bandcamp. Thought it was there…

  16. avatar

    Awesome list! Brotherfather would love to get added, our page is at brotherfather.bandcamp.com. Thanks!

  17. avatar

    KKF link + photo added. Thanks!

  18. avatar

    Great resource! Appreciate you considering our band Adartis for this list too! Thanks!

  19. avatar

    Amazing resource, thanks for doing this!

  20. avatar

    Cree Rider Family Band loves and lives in STL! http://www.crfb.bandcamp.com

    Awesome list!

  21. avatar

    here’s a good one

  22. avatar

    Awesome list!! Hopefully we can get on it too


  23. avatar

    thanks so much for putting this together! here’s one of my local favorites:

  24. avatar

    Check out Ransom Note, hope you like!

  25. avatar

    Thanks for this great list. Just wanted to see if you could EDIT Breakmouth Annie’s bandcamp to the correct link. Thanks again.


  26. avatar

    Hi Josh. Your band’s link has been EDITED. Thanks for the HEADS UP.

  27. avatar

    What a great idea!!! Thanks guys! If the list ever gets updated The Defeated County would love to included. https://thedefeatedcounty.bandcamp.com/

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