#STLSOTD [EXCLUSIVE]: Thursday, June 19th – Scarlet Tanager’s “How the West Was Won”

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They swept St. Louis away about this time of year back in 2011, with the release of their debut album, American Songbird. Now, the indie pop sweeties of Scarlet Tanager are set to release their second record tomorrow at Off Broadway.

Let’s Love is an accurate insight into where we are in our personal lives right now. Our last album was written during the first stages of our marriage, whereas Let’s Love explores lyrically and musically the maturation of our marriage and ourselves,” said Susan Logsdon, in reference to her relationship with bandmate/husband Michael Logsdon and about her songwriting process for the new album. “We still hold tight to not wanting to lose our child-selves, but we’ve accepted the adult-lives we’ve grown into,” she continued. “However, we couldn’t help but maintain some familiar musical aspects of our last album, mostly because it’s just a lot of fun to sing at the top of your lungs with your closest friends.”

Susan Logsdon of Scarlet Tanager performing in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill.

Dustin Kent (l) and Michael Logsdon (r) of Scarlet Tanager.

Tomorrow’s release show will certainly be a blast; it will also be bittersweet. Logsdon explains: “[The concert will be] the culmination of 2 years of hard work as a band, and it’s also Josh and Jordan’s final show with Scarlet Tanager. They’re leaving to start their family and we’re thrilled for them, as they are expecting a little baby tanager in August. This reflects a lot of what is on the record…sad to say goodbye to the way things use to be, but excited about the life adventures that lie ahead. Taking Josh and Jordan’s place will be our brother-in-law, Ben Helman, and our very good friend, Anna Westra. We hope to bring them up to speed quickly and play throughout St. Louis the rest of the summer, and then other Midwest cities this fall.”

Spouses Jordan and Josh Shepherd will play their last show with Scarlet Tanager on Friday, June 20th.

Being generous per usual, Scarlet Tanager has released an IWTAS exclusive track from Let’s Love called “How the West Was Won”, and it’s today’s STL Song of the Day. Stream, share, and get a taste of what’s to come on Friday!

Information about the Let’s Love release show at Off Broadway can be found here.

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