[EXCLUSIVE] #STLSOTD: Friday, June 27th – Mikey Wehling’s “Skies of the World”

#STLSOTD is an I Went to a Show.com Monday-Friday feature that introduces followers to St. Louis music by spotlighting one track by one artist or band from IWTAS’ Bandcamp Directory of St. Louis Music.  As always, we welcome your suggestions. If we pick the song you share with us on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments section of this post, we’ll make sure to give you a shout out.
Photo by Corey Woodruff.

Mikey Wehling, musical workhorse, inventive sound maker, and all-around gentleman digitally releases a new CD with his band The Reverbs on Monday, but there’s a free listening party on Sunday at The Whiskey Ring. A listening party on a Sunday is a great idea; they’re relaxed as all hell, you can chat with your buddies while enjoying some music, and this particular one will have a complimentary cask of delicious beer from Civil Life.

Wehling was kind enough to share with IWTAS followers an exclusive track from Looking For an Echo. (RFT Word Genius Christian Schaeffer just posted a review of the album that you can find here.) It’s called “Skies of the World” and it’s smooth and wonderful. You heard it here first!

The guys also just let loose a fresh, trippy video for “Dead Hyacinth” by Tom Buckholz:

Event details and a chance to RSVP for Sunday here

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