#STLSOTD: Wednesday, October 22nd – Tawaine Noah’s “Moonish Student”

#STLSOTD is an occasional I Went to a Show.com Monday-Friday feature that introduces followers to St. Louis music by spotlighting one track by one artist or band from IWTAS’ Bandcamp Directory of St. Louis MusicAs always, we welcome your suggestions. If we pick the song you share with us on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments section of this post, we’ll make sure to give you a shout out.

Tawaine Noah

Tawaine Noah‘s Union Tree Review may be dead, but this month the warm-voiced songwriter quietly released two new tracks as a solo artist. The first is a fuzzy, lo-fi folk and hip hop hybrid (and a collaboration with Noah’s cousin). The second is charmingly reminiscent of Noah’s work in UTR and features that distinctive vocal tone up front. “Moonish Student”, written in honor of his newlywed pals, transcends predictable folk by the middle of the song and features a nod to Noah’s earlier days of playing out, when you could find him on Foam’s tiny stage, helming Union Tree Review while seated behind a keyboard. There’s good stuff here. We’re looking forward to see what comes next.

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